REACT 2020

Students Addressing Social Issues Through Art & Design

Headlines and history; colors and textures; intellectual explorations and lived experiences all spark our imagination. Through runway, performance, and narrative, React will explore the ways we, as designers and students, respond to the world around us.

React Concept


Designer Q & A

Live Discussion with Designers from Threads React Virtual Runway on Sunday, May 3, 2020. 7:30 pm

Interviewers: Will Vehrenkamp, Savina Gomez-Kalidindi

Designers: Jessica Clark, Kit Caldwell,  Kat Eberly, Lauren Kurtzman, Amanda Hurwitz, Caitlyn Beczkiewicz

Full Reel:

React Virtual Design & Fashion Runway

Threads: React 2020  ground-breaking virtual collaboration features creative works by 32 students in the TFD program, original music by students in UW’s 18-19 The Studio cohort, and a Video DJ who mixes video clips, images, and music while performing live and within the protocols of social distancing