THREADS is an annual celebration showcasing student work from the Textiles and Fashion Design Program in the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The show is produced with collaborative participation of students across the UW-Madison campus. Combining music, lights, dance and runway, Threads is an annual event that seeks to engage the Madison community in the excitement and appreciation of contemporary design.


  • Showcase and celebrate the work of students in the SoHE Design Studies Program
  • Provide students the opportunity to gain real world experience as team members in producing a collaborative, highly creative, professional level event
  • Use art and design to anchor SoHE as a hub for multi-disciplinary collaborations to create interaction and dialogue around issues in design


DS 270 — Design and Fashion Event Practicum

DS 570 — Design and Fashion Event Management

Meet the Team

Savina Gomez

Asst. Creative Director
Community Engagement Marketing

This is my third year as part of the Threads team! This year, I am responsible for managing the class of Practicum students and providing any assistance to our Management team with organizing, planning, and executing the show. I also work alongside the Community Engagement team on PR, Marketing & Ticket Sales.

I love being able to collaborate with talented individuals who have different backgrounds and interests to create an event that brings together the Madison community. At the end of each year, it’s so rewarding to see how all of our hard work has paid off and becomes an amazing event that excites and inspires everyone involved!

Yuqi Jiang

Designer Liaison

As the Designer Liaison, I am the primary contact for the designers. One of my key responsibilities is collecting Jury submissions from the designers. I enjoy this role because I help designers showcase their work!

I joined Threads when I was a Sophomore as a practicum student. I loved working with the big group to bring the fashion show to the reality. This year, I decided to join the management team to collaborate with this creative crew, contribute my knowledge and ideas, and help coordinate the fashion show!

Ali Thompson

Visual Communications Graphic Design Lead

My freshman year I was a part of Threads as a practicum student. I loved working behind the scenes to put together such a cool show, so I was drawn back in for a second year on the management team. 

As the Graphic Design Lead on the Visual Communications team I create and oversee any of the graphics being made for the show. Another large part of my role is creating the viewbook which showcases the work of student designers and writers.

Anna Villalon

Visual Communications Graphic Designer


Anna Arndt

Community Engagement Ads & PR Lead

This was my third year with Threads and this year I am the Ads and PR lead where I worked to drive revenue and engagement for our fashion show!

Being involved in Threads is truly life changing. I have the privilege to work with phenomenal students and faculty who work to put on an equally phenomenal show – year after year. It is inspiring to work with such creative, innovative, and dedicated people.

Sophia Andries

Model Liaison
Website Developer

This year, as the Model Liaison, I am responsible for hosting Threads Model Calls and being the primary contact for the model. However, as we transitioned to a digital platform, I took the lead on creating a new website where Threads can showcase SoHE’s programs and student designers year after year!

I was first introduced to Threads during high school when I modeled for Threads for multiple years. Once I got to college I knew I wanted to be a part of the behind the scenes process. What I love about Threads is it’s collaborative structure. This structure allows me to participate as much as I’d like outside of my own role. So if you’re like me you’ll try to soak up as much information as possible!

Molly Burki

Visual Communications Graphic Design Mentor

For my second year on the Visual Communication team, I oversee and edit graphic technicalities for print/publish. This year I started a graphic Instagram campaign in reaction to the current global situation, that allows people to submit personal entries about their emotional health in reactions to the crisis.

I joined this class to explore the other end of making, and to foster real world skills in graphic design that are only found in Threads. I am constantly inspired by the innovative minds on the team and the incredible ideas we get to bring to life together. This year’s theme REACT has allowed us to collectively adapt and respond with a creative fervor that I feel lucky to be a part of.

Will Vehrenkamp

Community Engagement Service Fair/Community Action

I help to organize an online service fair highlighting organizations in our community combining arts and design with service and activism.

I joined this class because I’m fascinated with how fashion and art are intertwined in ordinary, and extraordinary, ways throughout our lives. I love being able to put on an event that not only helps display the work of the TFD students, but also has the ability to inspire an audience, and I feel fortunate to be a part of the Threads team.

Josie Madden

Liaison Lead

I help out with the communication to designers and models for the show. I’m in the program and submit my own work to the show so it’s important to me on multiple levels. I love working with such a creative team, seeing all the designs that come through, and helping to make it a fun, fair, and a worthwhile process for everyone to participate in!

Larryn Smerling

Performance | Set | Stage Project Manager

As the PSS Project Manager, I am responsible for  organizing the structure of the fashion show and how performers and models will work together with the set to create a fully cohesive experience. I like the ability to create and work on original ideas in a leadership role; the show represents a lot of issues and rewards of events that go on outside of educational institutions. As an artist I was drawn to mixing many mediums of art into an installation with a large audience, as the project developed the ability to lead ideas into fruition was an experience that I have only found so far in Threads REACT.

Will Costello

Performance | Set | Stage Performance, Music, & Organization

This is my second year working on Threads, and my first on the management team. I started this semester working with the Performance/Set/Stage group exclusively, but I metamorphosed into a floater as group needs changed. I now have my hand in a few different teams! I feel grateful for the opportunity to explore the increasingly relevant topics of precarity, consumption, unrest, and collective action through critical and collaborative creative expression.